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Specials & Documentaries

Adams Magic Lantern Show - Ch. 15
Talk about a blast from the past! Take a look at the history of Adams, as recorded on glass slides, shown on a real antique slide projector! What more could you ask for? How about a historic setting--like Memorial Hall--and narration by Adams Historian Eugene Michalenko? You've got both in this Must See!
The John E. Atwood Memorial - Ch. 15
John E. Atwood was a North Adams native who served in the Civil War, and was an eye-witness to President Lincoln's delivery of the Gettysburg Address. When it was discovered that his grave lacked a GAR marker, the North Adams Historical Society organized this ceremony to place one.
Spring Dance Concert - Ch. 15
The professional dance company, Chen & Dancers, worked with area students to produce this concert in 1993. The first act features students from Pine Cobble, Williamstown Elementary School, Johnson School in North Adams, Williams College, and other institutions; the second act is a ballet choreographed by H.T.Chen, and performed by his troupe.
Adams Library Centennial - Ch. 15
The Adams Free Library began in 1896, when U.S. President William McKinley laid the cornerstone. Join us for the costume ball in Memorial Hall, the parade, and all the festivities (including a visit from Mr. McKinley)! Taped in 1996.
Purple Mountain Majesty - Ch. 15
One of our most popular shows (and rightfully so!), Purple Mountain Majesty is the story of the Thunderbolt Ski Trail, a once internationally famous run down the face of Mount Greylock. A Must-See!
Drury Music Program 75th Anniversary Concert - Ch. 15
The Drury High School Band is, surprisingly, one of the oldest High School bands in the country. Join us for this concert, celebrating more than 75 years of music at Drury High School! A Must-See for any student or alumnus!
Cities of the Dead - Ch. 15
A rare and beautiful documentary about the cemeteries of North Adams, and their occupants. This program has been around for more than ten years, but still maintains its ability to inform and inspire.
Cultural Exchanges - Ch. 15
More than a decade ago, two professional dance companies---H.T. Chen & Dancers and the African American Dance Ensemble---came to Northern Berkshire and choreographed ballets based on events in local history. Two dance concerts were presented, a Works-in-Progress, and this one, the final presentation. Join us for this spectacular Must-See!
Fall Foliage Parade - Ch. 15
The whole grand spectacle all over again: Floats, bands, marchers, clowns, and the occasional interview, exactly as it happened in September! Enjoy it all over again!!
Cultural Exchanges --- Works In Progress - Ch. 15
This dance concert, taped live in the Lasell Gymnasium at Williams College, is the predecessor of the final Cultural Exchanges concert. Taped the previous year, it also features Chuck Davis and the African American Dance Ensemble, H.T. Chen & Dancers, and a host of local school children. A Must-See, even if you've seen it before!
NBCC Annual Meeting - Ch. 15
The Northern Berkshire Community Coalition has been an active part of our community for more than 20 years. Tune in and watch their Annual Meeting. Whether you're reliving it or seeing it for the first time, it's an awe inspiring program.
McKinley Memorial Parade - Ch. 15
Did you know that President William McKinley visited North Adams? Twice?? This unique program reenacted his second visit in 1899, when a parade was held in his honor at Monument Square. Another Must See, this event was staged on the centennial anniversary of the actual parade. President McKinley was portrayed by Starr Baker, of Adams, who gave the actual speech given by the President 100 years earlier!
Relay for Life Kick-Off - Ch. 15
The Relay for Life is coming once again! Take a look at the preparations. And while you look, prepare to dust off your walking shoes and take a part in this significant fund-raising event.
Community Recognition Awards - Ch. 15
The Northern Berkshire Community Coalition has been at it again, handing out awards to people for acts of kindness and neighborliness! Who was recognized this time? Tune in and find out!
Highlights from Martin Luther King Day - Ch. 15
Martin Luther King Day moved to a new venue this year: The MCLA Church Street Center! So, whether you were there or not, this is a Must-See: African music, a Gospel choir, the Brayton Hill Step Dancers, and the rippingest keynote speaker yet!
Arabic Music Festival - Ch. 15
If you love Arabic music, here's the show for you! These are the best and the brightest performers of Arabic music, gathered in one place to do what they do best.
Susan B. Anthony at the Quaker Meeting House - Ch. 15
No ifs, ands, or buts; this is a Must See. A collaboration between Bennington Museum Educational Outreach and the CT Plunkett Elementary School 2nd Grade. Need we say more? Tune in and watch a group of 7 year olds meet one of their town's most significant historical figures!
McKinley Statue Centennial - Ch. 15
Big doings in the Mother Town! The statue of William McKinley turned 100 in 2002. Tune in to this marvelous program, and you'll find out everything you could want to know about the statue, including its three bas-relief plaques. You will also hear excerpts from some of McKinley's speeches, delivered in 19th century style by McKinley impersonator, Mike Wilson!
Jane White -- Masochist's Delight - Ch. 15
Are you a masochist? Have you always wanted to be one? Or just wondered what it would be like? Well wonder (or pine) no more! Just tune in and watch nearly a full hour of the show that's made Psychiatry a growth industry in Northern Berkshire: The Jane White Show!
McKinley Centennials - Ch. 15
Here's a real Twofer! For scheduling purposes, this writer took two shows and put them together on one tape; the shows? One is the 1999 parade to celebrate the centennial of President McKinley's last visit to North Adams. The second is the 2002 program to celebrate the centennial of the McKinley statue in Adams. Must-Sees by themselves, they are doubly so together!
Jane White Mini Marathon! - Ch. 15
It's Saturday've got some time to kill.....why not spend it with someone you'd like to kill? Like Jane White? Regurgitated from the dustbin of NBCTC's vaults, here's a string of Jane's best(?) shows for you to hate all over again! A Must-See for all the masochists out there!
YULE LOG (plays 24 hours) - Ch. 15
It's Christmas Day. Alone or with family or friends, the best thing on the tube is NBCTC's Yule Log. A slow, cheerful fire from midnight to midnight, with your favorite carols for a sound track. What else could you ask for?
Relay For Life - Ch. 15
This is what the hoopla is all about...what actually goes on at the Relay For Life. By day, by night; on the walking track and in the tent. Enjoy...and involve yourself in next year's walk.
Summer Concert Series - Ch. 15
It's that time of year again, folks! Time to go up to Windsor Lake--or to Heritage State Park, or Adams(!)--to hear a free concert of live music! Well, if you couldn't get out to one of these venues, here's your chance to hear what you you missed. And even if you didn't miss it, why not take this opportunity to enjoy it all over again?
Mayor's Downtown Celebration (T) - Ch. 15
We're doing something a little old fashioned this year: Airing the Downtown Celebration by tape delay instead of live. Things will start at 6:00 with a review of the 2007 Celebration, followed by regular tapes shot in our booth on Main Street. It won't be live as it happens, but close!
Summer Concert Series - Ch. 15
It's summer, there are concerts everywhere. We can't keep track of them all, so here's one of them. Enjoy it for the first time, or all over again.
Thanksgiving Dreadful-a-thon! - Ch. 15
For the second year running, it's a marathon of awful(ly funny) movies with Penny Dreadful's SHILLING SHOCKERS! Tune in for ten and a half hours of classic horror and science fiction movies, introduced by the best Public Access horror host in New England: The one, the only Penny Dreadful!
The CCC in Massachusetts - Ch. 15
MUST-SEE ALERT! MUST-SEE ALERT! FYI:  A few years ago two AmeriCorps volunteers worked incredibly long hours to put together this fabulous (albeit brief) documentary about the Civilian Conservation Corps and the work it did in our fair state. DO NOT MISS this program. REPEAT: DO NOT MISS this program. Oh.....did I mention that it's a definite Must-See?
Native American Flute Concert - Ch. 15
Last year, a couple of extremely talented musicians gave a concert at Windsor Lake, playing Native American flutes. If you've never heard a Native American flute--or even if you have--you do not want to miss this concert of haunting music, played by Master musicians!