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Regular Shows

BCC's 1350 West Street  - Ch. 16
Edison Exploration - Ch. 16
Food For Thought - Ch. 15
Berkshire Food Project spearheads the local effort to defeat hunger; here's its Director, Valerie Shwarz, with a new monthly show discussing this vital issue.
Jerry Tyler Country Music Video Show - Ch. 15
The best and the latest in country music videos, presented by North Berkshire's own, Jerry Tyler
MCLA News - Ch. 16
MHPRG Ghost Hunters - Ch. 15
The paranormal is the "in" thing these days, and here's a show from a group of people who are into it!
Music 'n Memories Classics - Ch. 15
Another show from "Polka Bob" Pause. This one features oldies music, played over historical photos.
Northern Berkshire Tonite - Ch. 15
The talk show of the Northern Berkshire Community Coalition, hosted by Al Bashevkin and Ken Swiatek. This show of lively and stimulating discussions is taped monthly, and airs the first Monday of the month, and is repeated on the following Friday.
On The Road Again With Mike Boulger - Ch. 15
Mike is a singer, and one of our newest producers. Here he is, singing his favorite songs, and hopefully, they're yours too!
On the Road Polka Show Classics - Ch. 15
The longest-running show on Berkshire County Public Access television! Produced by "Polka Bob" Pause.
Something You Should Know - Ch. 17
New title, but essentially the same show: City Councillors Gail Cariddi and Marie Harpin, looking at what's good about North Adams and what can be done to improve things.
The Jane White Show - Ch. 15
Brace yourselves, kiddies......the Jane to End All Janes is back! But before you run screaming in terror, let me point out that she's not back in production (Thank Goodness!); she's merely back in reruns. So if you're a masochist--or just want to find out what it's like to be one--tune in and watch the one--and only--Jane White Show.....okay, she did a bunch of them.
Worth Knowing - Ch. 15
From our own Eric Buddington; tune in and listen to Eric's unique and intelligent spin on recent events, where we should be going, and how we ought to get there.