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Non-local shows

Adult Basic Education - Ch. 16
A Question of Law - Ch. 16
Always timely, always interesting, this show is produced at the Massachusetts School of Law in Boston, and features discussions on the law and how it operates.
At Your Service - Ch. 16
Produced by Berkshire Community College
Berkshire Health Show - Ch. 15
This comes to us from one of our friends in Pittsfield. It's produced by Berkshire Medical Center and discusses important health issues. Is there any other kind?
Berkshire Senior TV - Ch. 15
A program geared especially toward the needs and interests of the elderly, produced at Pittsfield Community Television by Elder Services of Berkshire County
College Roundtable - Ch. 16
              Produced by Williams College
Common Sense - Ch. 17
Here's a political show from Pittsfield, dedicated to inspiring interest in Democrats in the Berkshires. Brought to you by the Berkshire Brigades, and hosted by Sherwood Guernsey.
Creating Health - Ch. 15
              A warm and personal health show, from Dr. Mark Pettus of Pittsfield
Dalton Veterans History Project - Ch. 17
Here's something from our friends at Dalton Community Television: A series of interviews with aging veterans. This is actually part of a national effort to get the stories of veterans' experiences recorded and into a national archive. When you watch this bijou, you're getting a double dose of real American history; as it happened, and as it IS happening!
Festival of Shakespeare - Ch. 16
              What happens when a theatre company dedicated to Shakespeare teams up with area
              high school students?  Pure magic!
Get in the Loop - Ch. 15
Here's a short program (15 minutes) that packs a mighty big punch. If you have any questions on recycling--why it's necessary, what's involved, what its benefits are, etc.--you need to watch this show. This is worth watching for the excellence of its production values alone!
He Treasures Being a Dad - Ch. 15
A lot of emphasis is put upon the role of the mother in a child's life, but the father's is arguably just as important. Brought to you by the Northern Berkshire Community Coalition, this timely program looks at a diverse array of men and their attitude toward being fathers.
InfoSource - Ch. 15
A health series from Berkshire Healthcare.
James Russell--Double Standards: Social Policies in Europe and the U.S. - Ch. 16
Know Your Berkshires - Ch. 15
Produced by the Berkshire chapter of Civitan International, here's a talk show that looks at goings-on and organizations county-wide. Produced at Pittsfield Community Television.
Our Kitchen - Ch. 15
               From our friends in Dalton, Gordie Galusha and Nancy Ostresh cook up a storm (and
               some pretty good eats, too!).
Out Front TV - Ch. 17
This is produced in Pittsfield by the Berkshire County Republican Association. Tune in and get a notion of--not only what has to be done--but what CAN be done.....from a conservative
Piano Kids Talent Show - Ch. 16
Reading Aloud with Jim Trelease - Ch. 16
"The most important subject in school is Reading--because all the other subjects rest upon it. Learn how to motivate children to make books into friends, not enemies."
Real to Reel - Ch. 15
What's going on in the Catholic community. Produced weekly by the Catholic Communications Office in Springfield. Out of production for the summer, Real to Reel will be back in September.
Shilling Shockers - Ch. 15
Grab your popcorn, turn off the lights, and turn on the's time for a good old fashioned horror fest! Join Penny Dreadful, her werewolf spouse Garou, and Dr. Manfred Von Bulow as they watch B-movie horror flicks. Presented locally by Brian Hunt. And if you like what you see (or want to know more), check out their website:
Smile with B-Mile - Ch. 15
B-Mile (aka Beverly Milenski) is a producer with a passion for other people's passions. Tune in to this perky show (produced at Pittsfield Community Television) to see what there is to be passionate about in the Berkshires!
Sunshine Again - Ch. 16
The Best Schools: An Education Roundtable - Ch. 16
The Maple Sugaring Story - Ch. 15
Here's a little bijou from the Vermont Maple Promotion Board. The title says it all......
The Wooden Cup, award winner Will Powers, Williams College 08 - Ch. 16
Tomorrow's World - Ch. 15
This is not science fiction, folks; it's religion, coming your way courtesy of the Living Church of God.
Williams College Women's Basketball Show - Ch. 16