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Kids' Shows

21st Century After School at Brayton-- Nutrition and Healthy Kids Special - Ch. 16
Adams Youth Football League - Ch. 16
               Local youth playing football.  Sweet, simple and spectacular!
A Journey to Kindergarten - Ch. 16
See what school is like through the eyes of Pre-K students. Travel with them as they look forward to next year at kindergarten. (A powerpoint presentation.)
Boy's Basketball - Ch. 16
              Local boys make good on the courts!
Brayton Summer Programs - Ch. 16
Brayton Summer Science Camp - Ch. 16
Christmas Brook Figure Skating Club - Ch. 16
They only do one show a year, but what a show!  Enjoy the talents of our youth as they skate to many of your favorite songs!
Clarksburg Elementary School's Holocaust Exhibit - Ch. 16
Clarksburg Elementary School presents its annual Hatikvah Holocaust Exhibit.  (Due to the graphic nature of the materials from the concentration camps, viewer discretion is suggested. The camp slides may not be suitable for young viewers.)
Davemation - Ch. 16
"Drum to the Beat" with Otha Day - Ch. 16
Drury Drama "Y-men" - Ch. 16
Drury High School Girls Soccer - Ch. 16
              Boys aren't the only athletes anymore!
Drury High School Graduation--Live - Ch. 16
Drury High School Hockey - Ch. 16
School Concerts - Ch. 16
Edison Exploration, The Wizards of Schenectady, C. Guy Suits - Ch. 16
Elk's Student of the Month - Ch. 16
Girls' Basketball - Ch. 16
Hoosac Valley High School Graduation - Ch. 16
NASA 360 - Ch. 16
               Hard science, straight from the scientists at the actual National Aeronautics & Space
ONE-on-ONES - Ch. 16
President McKinley at Plunkett School - Ch. 15
Okay, President McKinley never actually visited Plunkett School, but he did plenty of other things for Adams. So when Mike Wilson (a McKinley impersonator) was in Adams a couple years ago for the anniversary of the statue, HE visited the school. So what happens when a former President visits a modern school? Tune in and find out!
Rapunzel - Ch. 15
Yes, it's that strange girl with the long hair once again! How long does it take to wash hair that long? What is rampion? And why is it that everyone who knows this girl is on vacation? Answers will be revealed, but you have to tune in to find out what they are!
Rumple Stiltskin - Ch. 15
Grab your hat, but don't bother to pack a bag; you're off to the one, the only, Enchanted Forest! Join us on this little bijou from the fine actors at Abbott School in Florida and see the REAL story of Rumple Stiltskin. Complete with Game Show fairies!
Snow White - Ch. 15
You're About to enter another dimension...a dimension not only of sight and sound, but of're about to enter....the Enchanted Forest! Join the Abbott School players for this merry tale about jealousy, love, Girl Scout merit badges, and unbridled stupidity!
The 12 Dancing Princesses - Ch. 15
Gird your loins, folks! It's back to the Enchanted Forest for more magic and mayhem! Why do children's shoes wear out so fast? Are kings qualified to practice medicine? Does wearing a sack really make you invisible? Tune in and find out for yourself with this wonderful play brought to you by the fine actors of Gabriel Abbott School in Florida!
The Frog Prince - Ch. 15
It's time the TRUTH came out! And you can see it for yourself, here on Channel 15: What the Frog Prince's name was....what his curse really was....and how he got the whammy taken off. Good, evil, romance, and enough bad puns to choke a horse; what more could you want? Join us for this tour de farce from the fine players at Abbott School!
The Reading Lady - Ch. 16
              A show geared toward young readers-to-be.
The Unhappy King - Ch. 15
Just when you thought you'd suffered enough.....NBCTC brings you another monstrosity from....THE ENCHANTED FOREST!!!! Yes, here's Denizen and the whole gang, trying to get to the bottom of why King Sighes is unhappy and what can be done about it(!). Taped live as it happened at Gabriel Abbott School (in Florida), performed by students from grades 2 through 7. NOT to be MISSED!
Umoja - Ch. 15
"Umoja" is an African word for UNITY; racial and cultural unity is the message in this presentation by the African American Dance Ensemble and H.T. Chen & Dancers. Taped live at Brayton School in 1994, this is a Must See for the whole family!